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PARTNER AUDIT s.r.o. - audit, účtovníctvo, poradenstvo, IAS/IFRS, Bratislava, Bánovce nad Bebravou
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Audit of the financial statements/Bookkeeping/Tax advice/Expert services/training and seminars/consultation

Internal auditors and assistant auditors in PARTNER AUDIT have many years of experience in providing these services; since they were working as auditors in an audit firm INTERAUDIT Trenčín since 1993 and the audit firm KREDIT AUDIT since 2000, until the emergence of the company.

The company was founded on 2nd March 2005 with entry in the Commercial Register District Court Trencín. Slovak Chamber of Auditors, issued in February 2005 the company PARTNER AUDIT license No. 283 authorizing to perform auditor activities for companies, banks, insurance companies, municipalities, cooperatives, etc.

The essential principle of the company is the individual approach to the clients. Our auditors, assistant auditors, tax advisors, certified accountants and experts in the field of economics communicate with clients always objectively and fairly, with strong emphasis on flexibility, personal commitment and the search for concrete solutions based on client’s needs. Confidentiality of information as well as professional approach are essential attributes of our work. 

The educational system of our staff is highly professional and ensures that our clients will receive the latest knowledge and skills in areas of Slovak as well as international legislation.

From this outcome, the delivery of services by our company implies an essential pillar, i.e. delivery of high quality service on professional level, built on mutual trust.

Our cooperation therefore acquires a strong foundation for long-term relationship and collaboration with the client. We work in accordance with international auditing standards and code of ethics for financial professionals and auditors. 

 Our company provides the following services: 


Tax Consultancy


Consultation and tasks associated with the transformation of facilities as well as in the bankruptcy and compensating proceeding


Transformation of financial statements under IAS/IFRS

Financial consulting, analysis, and projection

Organizing training sessions and seminars

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